Berlin Material

Ideas we tossed around or actually tried physically:

1. Wavy line sweep. Spread out across intersection in a line with all of us facing same way. Travel sideways across intersection. Imitate person in front of you in line. We did this with "falling about" sort of sweepy moves as the content. Looked nice! We discussed that this might be best achieved starting with crossing (spreading out across) the end of George's St. and then traveling across towards centra (this way we're at curb when lights go red for us).

2. Hit and run partnering in middle of intersection (example - Wolfgang spinning Fearghus around his head). Probably best achieved immediately after lights go green for us - meaning: beat the pedestrians to the middle and grab that space.

3. Standing out of the crowd while being in the crowd. I think we meant individually crossing with the flow of traffic but doing something unusual while doing that (not interupting flow - just coasting along with a movement thing at the pedestrians speed).

4. Topsy turvy side to side lift walk (partners staying connected at hip whole way).

5. Topsy turvy side to side lift where one person gets replaced by someone else halfway across.

6. Lift where one runs and other deflects momentum up (sort of dirty dancing style without the full press).

7. Phones. Ideas to do with talking on the phone. e.g. Fearghus having loud phone conversation with Rebecca. Fearghus crossing on one side of street, Rebecca crossing on other side of street.

8. Walking as a group of wormy, camel people (on hands and feet and very close to each other).

9. Scruff of neck - one person holding other person (who is backwards, very close to ground) by scruff of neck. Walk that person across the street.

10. Using the crossed yellow lines in some specific ways - e.g. hopscotch grid, or run a circuit/pattern as quick as you can, etc.

11. I also have a note that says: "react to middle person". I don't know what it means!!! (maybe a version of wavy line thing).

12. Follow the leader - Wolfgang set this one up - e.g. he runs and leaps to land on a spot, then spins to another spot, then crawls and rolls to curb, etc etc. We all copy this one station behind the person in front of us.

That's it in terms of the notes I took in June. Did I miss anything? Please comment away or start a new post to respond.

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